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Custom fit brassieres for USA, Canada and the rest of the world

We are a company with high quality standards and 32 years of experience that supports our products. We offer unique designs, and a wider selection of sizes than any other custom bra company.

Le Unique Bra was engineered to give perfect ergonomic and healthy support to women's bust. Our health & beauty product is a custom fitted bra that is designed to fit every woman with sizes from 28-B up to 48-LL, covering approximately 154 sizes to accomodate every woman in today's world.


We have a customer who used to order the Brantly Bra when Jeunique made them. She lives on a ranch and she "breaks" horses for a living, in the arena her bras have to hold up. She used to take the bras and have them reinforced by using dental floss as the thread so they would hold up for her.

She ordered 2 Brantly Bra from LeUnique the first of the month and here is what she sent us once she got them:

“I got them. They are built better with wider straps. The bottom edge is reinforced as well. Very cool. Thank you for your efforts.”

Agnes V.


Breast Cancer Breakthrough

By Dr. Mercola

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 200,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed each year in the US, making it three times more common than other gynecological cancers.
Breast cancer will claim the lives of 40,000 people this year. What is really disturbing is the speed at which breast cancer rates have risen over the past 5 decades. In 1960, one in twenty women were diagnosed — but today, it is one in seven.

Some important facts about this type of cancer:
  • 1.-One woman in eight, who lives to age 85, will develop breast cancer.
  • 2.-Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women age 40 to 55.
  • 3.-Fifteen percent of all breast cancers occur in women under age 45; in this age group, breast cancers are more aggressive and have lower recovery rates.
  • 4.-Eighty percent of breast lumps are noncancerous.
  • 5.-Seventy percent of breast cancers are found through breast self-exams.
  • 6.-About 80 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history of breast cancer.

Unfortunately, the current medical paradigm is relatively clueless about what causes breast cancer and how to effectively treat it. Most conventional cancer treatments actually add insult to injury by doing more harm than good, a fact that up to this point has been swept under the rug by the medical industry.